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To all my friends who are teachers, this one’s for you. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Love this pic, and more importantly Happy Teacher's day to all the teachers I know.....and that's a lot!!

I remember with gratitude my English Teacher in college who didn’t just flunk my terrible Marxist criticism paper but took pains to explain the theory to me 🙂 hugs!!!

I remember with gratitude my 1st grade teacher Mrs.dela Cruz, who took us outdoors to see how each tree was a distinct shape, and made us draw them.

I remember with gratitude my 3th grade teacher Mrs. Calamlam who made us do impromptu theater every Friday.

Happy teachers’ day to the people from whom I’ve learned a lot in some way, in and outside the classroom. your generosity has inspired me to share what I know,if you are able to sow even one tiny seed, you have already made a difference in the amount of harvest that child will reap in the future. May God bless you all more abundantly and may the passion to teach keep burning in you!! A big thank you also to all my teachers, from preschool to  high school at PNU  and my University professors. Experience as they is the best teacher. And being student of basic education is always a new experience every day, all the time 🙂

This truly is a wonderful story, Read this. Oh wow, this brought tears to my eyes.If you guys appreciate the hard work it takes to be a good and effective educator, continue teaching, inspiring and motivating the new generation to achieve what the past generations were not able to achieve. They’re the examples of teacher I like to thank for the path they have chosen. I wish there were more of them in this world. I share their dream of a Philippines where those who go into teaching are not only the passionate ones but more importantly the best and brightest too. Again, thank you to all teachers out there, who are doing great service to our nation. I am just so happy to see more people who have  not yet given up on our county.


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