To a true genius and visionary, may you rest in peace, Mr. Steve Jobs.

RIP Steve Jobs. Thank you for changing our lives forever.

I feel terribly sad at the loss of one person I admired the most…Steve Jobs….. You’ve certainly made your ♥ MAC ♥ in history… He made such an impact on our lives. He’s like Albert Einstein with his light bulb. He brought a whole new meaning to the word “Technology” the day he was born. He brought a whole new meaning to the words “Good bye” the day he died. This really is a sad day…not all the money in the world was able to save him…it just proves that ‘health is wealth’. I wonder how Bill Gates feels right about now. I’m certain that despite the long standing rivalry with Steve Jobs, they’re practically friends. They brought out the best in each other and it brought about the products and technologies that shape our world today. I’m sure he’s really sad right now. Their Rivalry…made technology so great it was creative and innovative constructive competition.

I can’t deny the fact that Apple products have changed the course of our lives in this technology space, while he re-shaped the Film, Game, and Music industry through his ingenuity.We know iconic brands like Nokia, Motorola, BlackBerry, HP, Sony, Samsung etc…But do well all know who founded those brands? That’s how iconic the brand APPLE and its founder Steve Jobs, the whole world knows it. I am lucky and forever grateful to be part of a generation that’s able to see and experience JOBS’ brilliance. May you rest in peace, Steve Jobs, thank you for sharing your life’s work to the entire world and for the technologies that further improve humanity, and your legacy will live on forever. 😦  Yes, death is what we all share… We will all go there sooner or later. May your disciples continue the deeds and the vision you have started.


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