Former President Marcos does not deserve a state burial

This is why Marcos should never be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

The funniest comment so far on the issue about trying to figure out where to bury the Former PRESIDENT Marcos? “Marcos is the true icon of democracy for declaring martial law.” – Cherry Cobarrubias . She’s just practicing democracy by blurting out nonsense. If the former President Marcos did not declare martial law we would have not realize how important democracy was. The former president was a dictator, con man, liar, thief and downright evil person. So he does not deserve a state burial.  Makes me wonder how people will see him once all those who have been through martial law are long gone.What happened to People Power? We should always remember, never forget the Infamy of the Martial Law Years. To those born in the ’80s beyond, learn about our history.

Senator Bongbong Marcos, in reaction to the President’s denial of state honors for Marcos’ late father, says that the President missed an opportunity to “unify the nation”. If that means sweeping every atrocity and crime committed during Marcos’ rule under the rug, then so be it. Justice first, unity second. They are still enjoying their billions, without a conviction. and what was the presidents salary from 1965-86? There can be no reconciliation without restitution… and there can’t be no real restitution if there is no repentance.

We are, very sadly, politically very immature and unsophisticated and our continuing economic depredation does not help in breaking this vicious cycle. Pinoys, it seems to me, are really fond of shooting its own foot by continuously putting mediocre politicians with hardly any principle. Our moral values are destroyed. So ironic for a country that profess to be God fearing. I hope that we can keep on writing about those dark days of the Marcos martial law era so that people will not forget how horrible the former President Marcos and Imelda were! And also so that the younger generation would know too!


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