naks!my mother was born on November 22. !haha!!

Here is the photo of me with my Mama that was taken more than a year ago while we were celebrating new year.

Happy blessed birthday to our super great mother!!! May God continue to guide & care for her, may we continue to learn from her as she teaches us how to live a life with our Lord Ü Thank you God for a whole lot of things but most of all for giving us mom who leads our family with you in mind. She inspires us to be a better person. Her selflessness really makes her shine, and I want to be just like her – kind, loving, giving, and above all, be the best daughter. As I grow older, I’m really starting to appreciate people more and she has definitely made an impact on my life.

Here is the photo of me with my mother –> we went to Noel bazaar last Sunday. I went there with my Mom and my younger sister.



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Quick thought of the day: what if iPhone is designed in Hong Kong, assembled in China? Does it make more sense?

Just a random thought. U.S.A. designs high tech stuffs, China assembles them, and Hong kong buys them. In a way, Hong kong is sitting at the end of the value chain. So U.S.A. gets all the technologies and money, China gets all the investment and jobs, and Hong Kong  gets iPhone….But they were sold back to China, with a much higher price. Hong Kong needs to be technology driven, and sell the products to mainland China. Look at the high-end service they provide for China currently, people in China are doing exactly the same now, but cheaper (accounting, marketing…) When I watched  on them in the business news , a lot even say the other way round to enter the Hong Kong market.


Everyone who has a Twitter/Facebook account is a boxing analyst/judge? The power of social media…. Wow whatta day!

At the end of the day, it’s not Pacman’s fault he won. Blame it to the judges. Harharhar. :p Congrats Pacman! “No Other Knockout” – The Movie, starring Annabelle Rama, Aling Diony, Melai …. AND Carmi Martin mouthing ” Ang mundo ay isang boksing!”

I read some people’s comments, reactions, in Facebook, Twitter and some articles, too. I got saddened by the anti-Pacman reactions, even if people disagreed with the decision, shouldn’t they be angry at the judges’ call and not at Pacman? Also impartial experts agree with the decision. I think I’ll believe to them.

The entire Philippines is suddenly anxious because Pacman won a boxing match without sending his opponent to intensive care unit. These people are victims of their own hyped-up expectations. People are too hard on Pacman. A win is a win. Just because it isn’t a knock out, does not make it less of a victory won over one of his toughest contenders. I feel bad about how quickly people can turn their backs on Pacman and apply Filipino centric “luto mentality” to situations outside the country. Boy, we’re really a cynical people. When Pacman wins, he’s emulated like crazy. When he loses, he’s accused of having a hand at the results. This would be a good study of Philippine society’s social consciousness.

I can’t say I’m a fan, I’m a keen and sympathetic observer, and I do enjoy a good ‘fight’. And this one was, because the players had almost-equal skills, they were on the same level, Marquez was very good and strong! I think that the decision was fair and I think if people watch it again more critically, they’ll understand why. It was a legit fight, both fighters was great. Marquez gave a real good fight, one of the closest so far for Pacman… But I feel it could be that Marquez lacked the aggression and kick-ass moves and punches to convince the other two judges that he can be as deserving as our multi-titled fighter.

As a Filipino, I am just happy that the Philippines won, people judge Manny the way they saw him from his previous fights. They don’t realize that Manny is fighting a stronger opponent. It was a close fight but the man won. He probably got hurt but he won. I admire Pacman for always being humble win or no win, he understands what a true athlete is, its not all about winning its not about winning 23million dollars but the respect you give yourself as a true and dedicated athlete. Long Live Pacman  you deserve everything going your way, till your next fight…… Don’t hate. Just congratulate 🙂 Good show! Entertaining!

My beloved sister posted a status in facebook, congratulations Marquez for putting up a good fight. Congratulations Manny for winning by majority decision. Good vibes everyone!

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Xian’s universal appealing to all! Hahaha :)

I managed to watch this one of a kind interview of Boy Abunda to Xian Lim.I love watching binondo girl,because of Xian Lim and Kim Chu. 

I try not to fall asleep as I learn about Xian Lim is getting the big build-up as the main leading man of the series, “Binondo Girl”, a story of the Filipino -Chinese family in the Philippines set-up. Xian has enjoyed his share of success on TV and things are looking up well for this young actor. In other words, his presence before the camera enthralls his multitudes adoring supporters; his smile drives women and gays into frenzy and compels the people to follow him.

But Xian’s asset goes beyond the physical looks. His personality can captivate and convince people to watch the TV shows or movies he stars in. You need talent, charisma, good looks and the right attitude to do that. Xian has it all.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!! :)

Oh my gosh. Christmas decorations are up already!

Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year. I think last year I saw some up end-September….But this is like one big cool Christmas tree to put up so early! Month of November!!!!! I really love it. Is already reminding us to shop shop shop…buy buy buy.

with my friend inday in the photo

Few more days before the Christmas Outreach…MIRACLES AND GRACES LORD!!.I CLAIM FOR BLESSINGS AND DIVINE PROVIDENCE ..IN YOU I TRUST JESUS..NOT IN MEN…..Put not your trust in princes – Rely on God rather than on man, however exalted he may be. There is a work of protection and salvation which no man, however exalted he may be, can perform for you; a work which God alone, who is the Maker of all things, and who never dies, can accomplish.


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Just want to share this with you =)

 Saw “The NO Other Woman” with a friend last month. One of my favorite lines delivered by Anne Curtis (Child of Owner, building a super exclusive resort) to one of their executives: “I don’t need to read your report. I know the market. I am the market.” hahaha! I wasn’t too keen on watching it, especially after finding out from my newly discovered dance diva friend (Hi, Zonya !) that it was a 2-hour film! But then again, it featured an interesting personality, so I gave it a shot.I like the film, but I’m not one to go into reviewing it or analyzing it too much, but here I am writing about this film.

 When I watched a movie like this, I wonder if marriage is actually a blessing for the women in general. Why suffer and misery? Are we to be masochistic in love? Isn’t love supposed to be something wonderful and fun, and marriage and family a joy?

I suspect there are too many martyrs of their own making. I meet people in real world whose self-esteem and confidence are so low, expectations so non-existent that they are willing to put up with anything.

The young talk of romantic love as if they know it best! The old talk of pragmatic goal much like they have lost faith in love.

Women dream of a family in picture-perfect sense. Men look for sex in progressive tense!

Is there a purpose in marriage? Should there be one? Is unplanned marriage more romantic than planned? How much thinking should be involved in decision? The bottom line for me is:If one does not have the ability to love someone unselfishly enough to protect and cherish her/him, to look after her/his best interest – sometimes above his/her own- and to do so for a lifetime, I don’t think the relationship will last.