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Just want to share this with you =)

 Saw “The NO Other Woman” with a friend last month. One of my favorite lines delivered by Anne Curtis (Child of Owner, building a super exclusive resort) to one of their executives: “I don’t need to read your report. I know the market. I am the market.” hahaha! I wasn’t too keen on watching it, especially after finding out from my newly discovered dance diva friend (Hi, Zonya !) that it was a 2-hour film! But then again, it featured an interesting personality, so I gave it a shot.I like the film, but I’m not one to go into reviewing it or analyzing it too much, but here I am writing about this film.

 When I watched a movie like this, I wonder if marriage is actually a blessing for the women in general. Why suffer and misery? Are we to be masochistic in love? Isn’t love supposed to be something wonderful and fun, and marriage and family a joy?

I suspect there are too many martyrs of their own making. I meet people in real world whose self-esteem and confidence are so low, expectations so non-existent that they are willing to put up with anything.

The young talk of romantic love as if they know it best! The old talk of pragmatic goal much like they have lost faith in love.

Women dream of a family in picture-perfect sense. Men look for sex in progressive tense!

Is there a purpose in marriage? Should there be one? Is unplanned marriage more romantic than planned? How much thinking should be involved in decision? The bottom line for me is:If one does not have the ability to love someone unselfishly enough to protect and cherish her/him, to look after her/his best interest – sometimes above his/her own- and to do so for a lifetime, I don’t think the relationship will last.


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