Everyone who has a Twitter/Facebook account is a boxing analyst/judge? The power of social media…. Wow whatta day!

At the end of the day, it’s not Pacman’s fault he won. Blame it to the judges. Harharhar. :p Congrats Pacman! “No Other Knockout” – The Movie, starring Annabelle Rama, Aling Diony, Melai …. AND Carmi Martin mouthing ” Ang mundo ay isang boksing!”

I read some people’s comments, reactions, in Facebook, Twitter and some articles, too. I got saddened by the anti-Pacman reactions, even if people disagreed with the decision, shouldn’t they be angry at the judges’ call and not at Pacman? Also impartial experts agree with the decision. I think I’ll believe to them.

The entire Philippines is suddenly anxious because Pacman won a boxing match without sending his opponent to intensive care unit. These people are victims of their own hyped-up expectations. People are too hard on Pacman. A win is a win. Just because it isn’t a knock out, does not make it less of a victory won over one of his toughest contenders. I feel bad about how quickly people can turn their backs on Pacman and apply Filipino centric “luto mentality” to situations outside the country. Boy, we’re really a cynical people. When Pacman wins, he’s emulated like crazy. When he loses, he’s accused of having a hand at the results. This would be a good study of Philippine society’s social consciousness.

I can’t say I’m a fan, I’m a keen and sympathetic observer, and I do enjoy a good ‘fight’. And this one was, because the players had almost-equal skills, they were on the same level, Marquez was very good and strong! I think that the decision was fair and I think if people watch it again more critically, they’ll understand why. It was a legit fight, both fighters was great. Marquez gave a real good fight, one of the closest so far for Pacman… But I feel it could be that Marquez lacked the aggression and kick-ass moves and punches to convince the other two judges that he can be as deserving as our multi-titled fighter.

As a Filipino, I am just happy that the Philippines won, people judge Manny the way they saw him from his previous fights. They don’t realize that Manny is fighting a stronger opponent. It was a close fight but the man won. He probably got hurt but he won. I admire Pacman for always being humble win or no win, he understands what a true athlete is, its not all about winning its not about winning 23million dollars but the respect you give yourself as a true and dedicated athlete. Long Live Pacman  you deserve everything going your way, till your next fight…… Don’t hate. Just congratulate 🙂 Good show! Entertaining!

My beloved sister posted a status in facebook, congratulations Marquez for putting up a good fight. Congratulations Manny for winning by majority decision. Good vibes everyone!


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