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Xian’s universal appealing to all! Hahaha :)

I managed to watch this one of a kind interview of Boy Abunda to Xian Lim.I love watching binondo girl,because of Xian Lim and Kim Chu. 

I try not to fall asleep as I learn about Xian Lim is getting the big build-up as the main leading man of the series, “Binondo Girl”, a story of the Filipino -Chinese family in the Philippines set-up. Xian has enjoyed his share of success on TV and things are looking up well for this young actor. In other words, his presence before the camera enthralls his multitudes adoring supporters; his smile drives women and gays into frenzy and compels the people to follow him.

But Xian’s asset goes beyond the physical looks. His personality can captivate and convince people to watch the TV shows or movies he stars in. You need talent, charisma, good looks and the right attitude to do that. Xian has it all.


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