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Memories of Aklan

There are many reasons why Aklan, one of the world’s most visited tourist spot, is encouraging visitors to witness what many of tourist have seen and experienced in this beautiful province. A tour in Aklan can be described as a relaxing and jam-packed cultural calendar of some of the world’s most unique activities.

Taken on our recent trip to AKLAN :

Me & Jonah

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This is the day that holds all time together.. Happy Christmas ♥

Everyone has a birthday. Today, we will be celebrating the birthday of Jesus. No one really knows exactly when Jesus was born and there have been many speculations about the exact date of his birth. But what matter most is that he was born to Mary and Joseph so he could save us all. That’s why Christmas is a time for rejoicing, for giving and sharing and for loving one another as Jesus loves us.

I am so glad that this year I have shared my blessings a lot. I feel that I have given more than what I received. To see my family and dear friends happy (and other kids we have been helping with) is priceless! Despite Christmas being generally regarded as a celebration for us catholic or have Christian faith, I was happy to see many friends of mine from a diverse range of beliefs, philosophical backgrounds and religions, coming together to share the best wishes of the season with everyone! Perhaps the interfaith understanding around our world today is growing with younger people who are attuned with social media, actually embracing the very essence of any religious celebration – That is to remind them to preserve the Peace enjoyed together and to also share into the joy of ushering in another memorable occasion for people of different backgrounds and religious beliefs.

In Philippines, we can also see youths hanging out, regardless of their beliefs – All ready to party and celebrate with their friends and families on the streets for Christmas. A sight for us to appreciate and I pray that all of you my dear readers have simple yet special Christmas moments this year and to every person who’s become a part of a wonderful year, I wish you guys the merriest Christmas and the happiest New Year ahead! Here is to chasing dreams and believing. Everyone deserves a happy Christmas.  Merry Christmas everyone!

my officemate amae and I in a christmas tree @work
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It’s worth watching and thinking about

worth to know:)

It took me 9 extra minutes to watch this video.I have noticed that already but it’s more welcoming or useful for me because it personalizes my search. Makes it easier and really adjust to what I need and like. There was a time that when I made a search – it showed a lot of things that I don’t need and it a waste of time. So for me it’s okay but you have to be aware of its limitation.