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Hooray! It’s 1.2.2012…2nd day of the new year!

I spent the  1st day  of  the  year with my family and relatives – this is the best start to a brand new year. I have been eating nonstop in the afternoon of 31st of December ,2011 . It’s entirely possible that I’ve eaten my share of meals for the month of January.

All these years I’ve always asked myself: why do all these? work, school, and other other small biz-ventures. I’ve had a few answers: I need to do a living, earn my bread, pay my bills, pamper myself with some wants and sustain my needs. in short – survive! But deeper, I’ve also asked myself and have been asked by not a few: what drives you? I’d say and this has been the impetus behind my continuous efforts and soul-searching: despite my imperfections, I would want to be in such capacity where I have greater and more opportunities for charity; farther and wider reach to more people and families – to be able to help more and be more for others and for God!

My Resolutions:
1. out with the old in with the new (not all of it)
2.more inspirations less distractions
3.more money in less money out
4.keep those who are important more
6.walk more more
8.share more
9.listen more
10.find a new routine
Whats your list of resolutions?

Now that 2012 is here, God, I want to say thank you for the 2011 – ALL of 2011. You have blessed our family every single day of the past year, in sleep and in waking, in things that felt good and things that hurt almost beyond bearing. You have been with us every second of that year, providing all we truly needed. We know You will be with us all through 2012, guiding us, providing for us, blessing us and loving us. Thank you, thank you so very much.

I’m also thankful for a beautiful life filled with family and friends who keep me grounded and sane, most especially my parents who have given me a sound education, taught me to look at people’s hearts and not their puffery, and make me want to be a better person by their strength of character, their unwavering faith and their unconditional love. I ended 2011 and start 2012 with only good vibes. Let go of all the anger, the issues, the emotional baggages, the meanness, the bitchiness and all the drama and just stop being freaking miserable.

In the end…that’s all that matters…I’m grateful for all the relationship that’s strengthened by time…for all new relationships formed…for opportunities given…for criticisms which made me a better person…for maturity earned…for a 2011 worth remembering…looking forward to 2012!

Strive to be happy. Here’s to a happy 2012! 🙂 Happy New, everyone!



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