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It’s more fun in the Philippines! In fairness!

New campaign of Department of Tourism: “It’s more fun in the Philippines” is cute. Definitely an improvement over “Pilipinas Kay Ganda”. Switzerland? Philadelphia? It’s definitely more fun in The Philippines. Congratulations to the Secretary of Tourism, his staff and BBDO for making this campaign happen!!! Cute campaign. Now if only the rest of the country can live up to the promise, Then it would be more fun in the Philippines.So please stop looking for loopholes and just support this campaign. On a positive note… those  issues about the new campaign of Department of Tourism are good signs of its efficiency. With more issues, more people will be curious about it. Nevertheless, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

As “Mr.Jos Ortega”  said : ” In branding, the objective is to own a word or idea in the hearts and minds of the consumers. Department of Toursim is trying to own FUN. The job of marketing is to make sure that it happens. Sometimes somebody else can already own a word, but it is taken away by a more aggressive competitor. Offhand, Switzerland doesn’t even own FUN. Google FUN in 3 weeks time and I’ll bet majority of the first 5 pages will show Philippines. That’s the beauty of competition and marketing. I’d go on with it. I believe in the power of the Filipino digital community. We will own FUN ” .

But as if we really want to improve tourism in Philippines, we need more than marketing. We need infrastructure and improved systems. We have so many great destinations but it’s so freaking difficult to get there/make arrangements/get decent accommodations. I hope Department of Tourism will work with Local Government Units and help them figure out how to make their tourist attractions more accessible.

Other news : Starting January 16, 2012, it will be more FUN in the PHILIPPINES! The circus at the Senate Impeachment hearing begins!They have Circus Soleil … ‘Pinas has Circus Pasawei …Yes! And it’s going to be FUN!


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