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This prosecution lawyer was asking for it and he thought he can get away with it!

This prosecution lawyer was asking for it. Hahaha ..... and he thought he can get away with it! Only one of the few who can do that to Sen. Miriam

I was in our office in Makati earlier when I heard via radio about incident on the prosecution lawyer who covering his ears the whole time that Senator Miriam was speaking. Why do I feel like the prosecution panel, instead of promoting the best interest of the Filipino people, make things worse? They’re acting like rookies when they could actually do so much better. As if they’re not attempting to impeach the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court! Chief Justice Corona will get away with all the things he’s been charged with on the basis of the prosecutions (ahem) competence. If I were a conspiracy theorist I’d suspect Niel Tupas is a mole actually working for the defense. Hahaha. From the Small Lady or the Gate. From the Holy one or U Wrong. Fake or Not. With or without discrepancies. Fact is, that document was obtained without benefit of a court order. The fairy tales continue and the prosecution is drowning in their sea of lies.

Hearing all the perks that the Supreme Court Justices receive, I would like to know how much in similar cash benefits and allowances each of the top officials receive, from all 3 branches. I hope the “PCIJ” would also make a study of the “SALNs” of all Senator-Judges. It would be interesting to compare the completeness of the SALNs of Senators Enrile andAngara with all the others. Sec Abad admitted he didn’t put acquisition values in his SALN. So what now? Double standard again? Most of these public officials surely erred and are guilty of the same error. Impeachable offense? Nah, I don’t think so. I’m very sure all of them including Pnoy are not declaring their SALN completely & accurately as provided in our constitution.



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