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Happy Anniversary to you both! More happy years together!

Today marks the 4years anniversary wedding of my sister Reylyn and brother in –law William.4 years ago they made it official and signed the marriage contract to join their lives together and start a journey to an incredible life. Happy Anniversary to a wonderful and nicest couple! God Bless you both… stay strong and in love! ♥ God bless your beautiful marriage & family! 🙂 We love both of you!! :)))


The gorgeous wedding of my sister ate reylyn and kuya william, last March 08, 2008 in style of course!

Can you believe that was 4 years ago? haha! Its been 4 years. Its been a long journey for them, 1 beautiful children that you are both proud of. May love grow stronger in your marriage in the years to come..happy anniversary ate Reylyn and Kuya Wiliam.May God’s blessings overflow you this day and always!