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What can I say…Jessica is SAFE again!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))

jessica_sanchez_dance_with_my_father -Singing a tribute to her father in a military mission… Very emotional. She sung it with gusto. Jessica Sanchez’s rendition of Dance with My Father almost made me cry. Her pitch, vibrato, dynamic, timing, presence, emotion was so perfect… She’s in a different league!That young lady is the whole package. She’s in it to win it. I mean, she has this very powerful voice.

I am even shocked to know Hollie was safe. Come on America, Hollie is an amateur, even Jimmy told her that in person. She needs to know the difference between Amateur singing and Professional singing.That girl Hollie sure hangs on well. But the teen votes keep her on the show. Hopefully those who used to vote for “Elise”  and Colton would shift their votes to a more deserving contestant. (i.e. Jessica). =) It’s just right that this half-Filipino is recognized for her amazing talent!

Of all the seasons of American Idol where even a Filipino-American was a contestant, I have never supported them.Because I did not even appreciate them.   I feel for the girl Jessica, so young, worked hard all her life ” singing”! You can see how much she loves and enjoys singing but she could only relate & connect so well with the audience. Sheer talent is born and Jessica Sanchez has the voice of a great singer. Perhaps her youth may be the reason why she has some reservations in not being as flamboyant as the other contestants. Or maybe because she is partly Filipino and not as boisterous as the others in the group.

Win or lose, that young lady will stay in the entertaiment business not because of anything but talent, pure talent.  Whatever the reason – she is a great singer and one of the, if not the best in the American Idol for this season.

The Philippines has had their share of extraordinary talents in the world, boxing, arts and fashion, no doubt, the world has to accept the fact that the Filipinos are here to stay. Something that I, as a Filipino am proud of. Here’s cheering you on Jessica. You go girl and make our proud!

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This sounds very interesting! :) Why feel guilty being an introvert?

 Great stuff, will definitely be in my top 10 TED list 😛

I’ve struggled with introversion my whole life. I was  the type who would hide behind her sister’s skirt. BUT as the speaker had mentioned, society demands from us to be extroverts. It is true, in a lot of cases those who speak up are those who are heard. I also struggled with this growing up because I knew that in many cases the people leading us were wrong. But we follow them anyway because they are the ones who stepped up (*ahem* *politicians*). And because society gives so much praise on extroversion, I had to change. I agree with MOST of what the speaker said in the video, BUT it is this same society that favors extroversion that brings out the courage in us introverts.

I didn’t realize, I’ve always tried my best to be an extrovert, but it’s also okay, and even essential sometimes, to activate the “introvert” side of me. Many great things and ideas are discovered in deep thoughts, and many celebrated leaders are introverts. Something for the society to ponder upon. I don’t have to be all bubbly and jolly all the time and just listening or being on my own is okay. I think, as much as I have very similar scores with (E), sensing and (I) Introversion in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) , I’m still more inclined to being an introverts , who finds joy in being with  extrovert 🙂 thank you for enriching my world! 😉

 Good guide to managing teams. Each member of a team is unique in some ways, introverts are one of them.

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That’s known as projectile dysfunction

After so much hyped, “North Korea’s rocket mission” failed and broke up minutes after launch. North Korea just tried testing a long range missile after weeks of being told not to and it failed and fell into the sea, total misplacement of priorities, instead of investing in improving the welfare of their countrymen, & their economy. What was even more laughable was that they said it was a satellite for peaceful purposes. That’s like saying pigs can fly and fairies exists. The next UN aid mission to North Korea should contain a few extra tubs of ice cream and romantic comedies, because “Kim-Jong-Un” is going through a tough “break-up” right now.

North Korea rocket launch a spectacular FAILURE!!! Thank God!  The video showed the exact situation in North Korea

North Korea they sure know how to celebrate Friday the 13th!!! The video showed funny things in this event.

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Happy Easter everyone,thanks Lord Jesus for all the blessings & bring on the celebration! =)

Holy Week reminds us what we are supposed to be thankful for the whole year round, to be faithful to our entire lives and to anticipate in the life hereafter. Unfortunately, we see the week simply as a holiday, a time to be good and a time to be Catholic. Let us remember that Easter marks the start of a year lived in thanks, in faith and in hope.God’s message for us is to love the life you have. Be grateful for everything in it. Gratitude will serve you well, and loving the life you have will bring delight in every way.

Talking about gratefulness and the need to be grateful….I have lots to be grateful about – especially friends….I seriously think God’s gives us adversities and trials and tribulations to let us know who are our friends and also introduce angels to our lives.I think that’s a lesson I’ve been learning the last few years. About being grateful for the life I had and am having. To be grateful instead of bemoaning , and loving this new life I’ve had the fortune , by way of adversity, to be experiencing. It’s a whole new life for me.  Life can sometimes make you move along and take a completely new route, one that seems long and winding but offers a completely new perspective and new outlook ….and if you stick it out, you could find, as I did, a new direction, new life …and a different outlook…. And I guess , this is my Easter message for today, to myself, a time for death and life, resurrection and promises of a new life and hope for the future….salvation, new life and promises of something better.

To say that I am grateful and appreciative is an understatement …it has taught me to accept help, to know it’s ok to ask for and accept help, to know that I should stop hating to ask for or get help! That it’s ok at times to be helped and not just to help.

Above all, I am grateful to my true friends who have really stuck by me through think and thin, and for the new and better friends God sent to replace friends who let me down. That is what I am most grateful for…….Thank you my friends….you know who you are.

I felt like a kid again this holy week coz I spent it with the family, doing things we used to do. And the best of it all, mom paid it all .

The past few days was spent bonding with family to uphold family traditions, enjoy each other’s company and enjoy great meals together. To this day we try to keep the holy week tradition of attending the holy hour vigil after the washing of the feet ceremonies on Maundy Thursday and attending the Good Friday procession. All is quiet now in getting ready for the easter celebration. More than Easter, today reminds us that all of the Bible is true. The one greatest truth ever told, ever happened is Jesus is resurrected. His resurrection means so much more than anything. Thank you Lord!