random thoughts

Happy Easter everyone,thanks Lord Jesus for all the blessings & bring on the celebration! =)

Holy Week reminds us what we are supposed to be thankful for the whole year round, to be faithful to our entire lives and to anticipate in the life hereafter. Unfortunately, we see the week simply as a holiday, a time to be good and a time to be Catholic. Let us remember that Easter marks the start of a year lived in thanks, in faith and in hope.God’s message for us is to love the life you have. Be grateful for everything in it. Gratitude will serve you well, and loving the life you have will bring delight in every way.

Talking about gratefulness and the need to be grateful….I have lots to be grateful about – especially friends….I seriously think God’s gives us adversities and trials and tribulations to let us know who are our friends and also introduce angels to our lives.I think that’s a lesson I’ve been learning the last few years. About being grateful for the life I had and am having. To be grateful instead of bemoaning , and loving this new life I’ve had the fortune , by way of adversity, to be experiencing. It’s a whole new life for me.  Life can sometimes make you move along and take a completely new route, one that seems long and winding but offers a completely new perspective and new outlook ….and if you stick it out, you could find, as I did, a new direction, new life …and a different outlook…. And I guess , this is my Easter message for today, to myself, a time for death and life, resurrection and promises of a new life and hope for the future….salvation, new life and promises of something better.

To say that I am grateful and appreciative is an understatement …it has taught me to accept help, to know it’s ok to ask for and accept help, to know that I should stop hating to ask for or get help! That it’s ok at times to be helped and not just to help.

Above all, I am grateful to my true friends who have really stuck by me through think and thin, and for the new and better friends God sent to replace friends who let me down. That is what I am most grateful for…….Thank you my friends….you know who you are.

I felt like a kid again this holy week coz I spent it with the family, doing things we used to do. And the best of it all, mom paid it all .

The past few days was spent bonding with family to uphold family traditions, enjoy each other’s company and enjoy great meals together. To this day we try to keep the holy week tradition of attending the holy hour vigil after the washing of the feet ceremonies on Maundy Thursday and attending the Good Friday procession. All is quiet now in getting ready for the easter celebration. More than Easter, today reminds us that all of the Bible is true. The one greatest truth ever told, ever happened is Jesus is resurrected. His resurrection means so much more than anything. Thank you Lord!


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