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That’s known as projectile dysfunction

After so much hyped, “North Korea’s rocket mission” failed and broke up minutes after launch. North Korea just tried testing a long range missile after weeks of being told not to and it failed and fell into the sea, total misplacement of priorities, instead of investing in improving the welfare of their countrymen, & their economy. What was even more laughable was that they said it was a satellite for peaceful purposes. That’s like saying pigs can fly and fairies exists. The next UN aid mission to North Korea should contain a few extra tubs of ice cream and romantic comedies, because “Kim-Jong-Un” is going through a tough “break-up” right now.

North Korea rocket launch a spectacular FAILURE!!! Thank God!  The video showed the exact situation in North Korea

North Korea they sure know how to celebrate Friday the 13th!!! The video showed funny things in this event.


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