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This sounds very interesting! :) Why feel guilty being an introvert?

 Great stuff, will definitely be in my top 10 TED list 😛

I’ve struggled with introversion my whole life. I was  the type who would hide behind her sister’s skirt. BUT as the speaker had mentioned, society demands from us to be extroverts. It is true, in a lot of cases those who speak up are those who are heard. I also struggled with this growing up because I knew that in many cases the people leading us were wrong. But we follow them anyway because they are the ones who stepped up (*ahem* *politicians*). And because society gives so much praise on extroversion, I had to change. I agree with MOST of what the speaker said in the video, BUT it is this same society that favors extroversion that brings out the courage in us introverts.

I didn’t realize, I’ve always tried my best to be an extrovert, but it’s also okay, and even essential sometimes, to activate the “introvert” side of me. Many great things and ideas are discovered in deep thoughts, and many celebrated leaders are introverts. Something for the society to ponder upon. I don’t have to be all bubbly and jolly all the time and just listening or being on my own is okay. I think, as much as I have very similar scores with (E), sensing and (I) Introversion in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) , I’m still more inclined to being an introverts , who finds joy in being with  extrovert 🙂 thank you for enriching my world! 😉

 Good guide to managing teams. Each member of a team is unique in some ways, introverts are one of them.


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