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What can I say…Jessica is SAFE again!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))

jessica_sanchez_dance_with_my_father -Singing a tribute to her father in a military mission… Very emotional. She sung it with gusto. Jessica Sanchez’s rendition of Dance with My Father almost made me cry. Her pitch, vibrato, dynamic, timing, presence, emotion was so perfect… She’s in a different league!That young lady is the whole package. She’s in it to win it. I mean, she has this very powerful voice.

I am even shocked to know Hollie was safe. Come on America, Hollie is an amateur, even Jimmy told her that in person. She needs to know the difference between Amateur singing and Professional singing.That girl Hollie sure hangs on well. But the teen votes keep her on the show. Hopefully those who used to vote for “Elise”  and Colton would shift their votes to a more deserving contestant. (i.e. Jessica). =) It’s just right that this half-Filipino is recognized for her amazing talent!

Of all the seasons of American Idol where even a Filipino-American was a contestant, I have never supported them.Because I did not even appreciate them.   I feel for the girl Jessica, so young, worked hard all her life ” singing”! You can see how much she loves and enjoys singing but she could only relate & connect so well with the audience. Sheer talent is born and Jessica Sanchez has the voice of a great singer. Perhaps her youth may be the reason why she has some reservations in not being as flamboyant as the other contestants. Or maybe because she is partly Filipino and not as boisterous as the others in the group.

Win or lose, that young lady will stay in the entertaiment business not because of anything but talent, pure talent.  Whatever the reason – she is a great singer and one of the, if not the best in the American Idol for this season.

The Philippines has had their share of extraordinary talents in the world, boxing, arts and fashion, no doubt, the world has to accept the fact that the Filipinos are here to stay. Something that I, as a Filipino am proud of. Here’s cheering you on Jessica. You go girl and make our proud!


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