random thoughts

Good story for today

This morning, I was waiting in line at the grocery during my break time to buy my food. It was so busy that even the line that I was on, the express lane 10 items or less, was still long. I was so worried that I wouldn’t have enough time to eat my breakfast after waiting to pay for it. I was hungrier than normal morning and I wanted badly to eat! And then, while waiting in line, the old lady in front of me turned around and said to me, ‘Oh iha, you’re probably on your break time. Quickly, go ahead of me and pay for your food. I’m old and retired; I have all day to waste.’ I was shocked because she read what was on my mind exactly. I guess maybe she saw the food in my hand. I thanked her and jumped in front.

I was so grateful for her kind act and when I turned around to thank her another time she said something to me that I will never forget. She said, ‘You’re welcome. “Pay it forward.” And my eyes flared wide open and my jaw almost dropped. I almost cried and gave her a hug. Why? Have you guys seen the movie ‘Pay It Forward’? If you haven’t, you should watch it. I was shocked because I was having a crappy moment waiting hungrily to pay for my food and when she had told me to jump in front of her, a kind and simple act, it brightened up my day and made me really happy. And when people do kind things for others, it makes those people happy and more likely to do kind things for another and you just pass on the good deed. =) It made me really happy to know that people are promoting that ‘pay it forward’ concept. Not everyone is nice and the few that are make a big impression. =) Pay it forward.


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