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Happy Mothers Day to all mothers,mudra,nanay,mommy,mama,mamu

Nanay, inay, mama, mudra, mudang,mommy, ina, Nay, mudrakels ….no matter how many names we may call you, you will always be PRICELESS to us no matter what the circumstances may be. A tireless and often under appreciated job… but can you imagine where we’d be without them? Let us all take a bow and bask in our love and admiration to all the mothers. Have you ever wondered why it’s “Mother’s Day” and not “Mothers’ Day”? Because every mother deserves her own day, that’s why!This is a special day for the women who risked their lives during childbirth and then devotes their entire life to their children.

To all the mothers out there,a day is not enough to thank you for all the love and hard work that you give for your families. May our great God bless you all with more love, care and understanding.  especially my own Mom ,   for tirelessly waking up every morning to cook our baon before I go to school even until now that I am working ; and even though you still treat me like a little kid, you’ll always have a special place in my heart.  It’s hard to quantifiable define the best mom, but she raised a little terror like me and I didn’t turn out too bad 🙂 You make the world a better place 🙂 To all my friends, love ones who are mothers and to all the mothers of my dear friends,Happy Mother’s Day!

To my mother – thanks for being the wonderful, gracious and ever so loving & patient woman that you are. I love you! 🙂

Father Joey shared the following thoughts on MOTHER’S DAY :


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