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Happy Daddy’s day to all you father’s out there, especially to our papa

Notice that Father’s day tends to be less publicized as compared to Mother’s Day.Everyday should be Fathers’ Day. It’s that time of the year again and I can’t help but feel a bit envious at those who can celebrate Fathers’ Day without the sadness.Happy father’s day to my Papa I think I got my persevering & figthing spirit from you. In addition happy Father’s Day to all my relatives and friends who are dads. I hope you’re feeling all the love everyday . 🙂

With papa and mama at the Manila Ocean Park . Take care of your health, papa. We love you!!!

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Pacquiao won this game . But maybe they really want a rematch. More money for the promoters.

So how could he have lost?? Money over Manny obviously! As Bradley said he will give Manny rematch in November!

I watch the replay of the fight ” between Tim Bradley and Manny Pacquiao. “ There is absolutely no way that Bradley could have any chance of winning the fight. It would have been a grand act for Bradley to give the belt back to Manny after the decision because he will be mock as a champion who won by a fraud. I still admire Manny on the class he showed on this very disgusting fight that did not go towards his favor. Possible theory… Scripted and directed by Bob Arum ? But what can we do. He was victimized by the BOXING MAFIA. But Manny took it peacefully. He is really a changed person.Manny might have LOST the fight and his belt due to incompetent judges… But he WON the hearts of all boxing fans and the title BEST POUND FOR POUND FIGHTER EVER!