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RIP, Mang Dolphy. You are a true national treasure

Mang Dolphy was laid to rest. White doves were made to fly away along with our prayers. Earlier I cried few tears watching the burial services of Dolphy. Nice how it became a celebration of what wonderful life he led, how many lives he has touched and what a huge impact he has made to the Filipinos. Don’t just focus on his death, but celebrate that he lived. His death is a tragedy, but let it be overshadowed by his legacy. The song Seasons of Love was played. It was comforting, yet, sad… Farewell, John Purutong, Mang Kevin … Fine and good if Dolphy is declared a National Artist. But he is bigger than the award. He does not need bureaucratic closure to complete his legacy. Real love. You don’t see it often nowadays. I cried whole weekend because of this :

Dolphin is great. He has brought laughter and smiles to at least three generations of Filipinos. It was a very moving tribute to Dolphy.  I was excited though to see my Idol, Maricel Soriano who was Dolphy’s very first onscreen daughter on John En Marsha. Zsa Zsa Padilla’s not even the wife but life partner…but she showered him with all the love. Lucky Dolphy too and he loved ZsaZsa deeply too…great love. What a beautiful eulogy by a wife for a husband.

It’s really sad news especially for the generations who grew up watching John and Marsha or Home Along da Riles.  I was a fan of the show, “John En Marsha”… I watched it in the late 80’s and early 90’s, the famous line for John Puruntong in John and Marsha – “kaya Ikaw John magsumikap ka….” vividly reminds me of Mang Dolphy and should serve as a reminder to all that success is not difficult if you work hard for it. God bless you Mang Dolphy. My childhood will never be complete without  Home Along Da Riles & John and Marsha .May you rest in peace. 🙂  


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