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Poor girl —> Well if that’s the case then they lose their jobs once they reach 26. :P

What an Amateur. A young lady been subjected to criticism and online bashing the past few days because of this article she wrote (no less from the best and brightest of the social media world) .  The author received a lot of criticism for this. Seriously, how ignorant do you need to be to think that social media was invented with the launch of Facebook? That, alone, speaks volumes of the author’s lack of appreciation for and understanding of what social media is. She would be a BAD HIRE in my book. It DOES reek of arrogance, ignorance and the false sense of entitlement every kid her age/generation seem to possess. Instead of building a strong and positive social / online presence, she just dug her own “career”. The marketing mix might have changed, but the concepts/basics stay the same. It’s still about the basics/fundamentals.

She forgot that Hiring Managers are above 25! And to state that “every time I see a job posting for a Social Media Manager/Associate/etc. and find the employer is looking for 5 to 10 years of direct experience, I wonder why they don’t realize the candidates who are in fact best suited for the position actually aren’t old enough to have that much experience.” harbors her ignorance of the hiring process, and Social Media in business is not just about posting, and tweeting, and going viral.

Age has nothing to do with it… but the article just made it all about age. You’re either a good marketer or you’re a lousy one. 😉 Bottom line….it’s still all about marketing. Know your basics first. Social and digital are only channels…or as we were taught, enablers.There is a science to that, which involves analytics and your company’s overall digital strategy.  This reminds me of some young people I’ve meet two years ago who seem to think they are the bomb just because they are in “social” or “digital” part of marketing. Unless you have mastered the following:

–>You know where the social media campaign fits in the bigger digital strategy, and subsequently in the over-all marketing strategy, such that it will achieve the business objectives set forth by your company
–>Your social media and digital campaigns are profitable and have exhibited good Return of Investment (ROI)
–>You know how to do crisis management in your digital channels when negative publicity explodes
–>Your budgets are well managed and well spent
–>You have an enterprise-wide mindset (and not just on your digital/social/marketing department)
–>You have exhibited critical thinking in your decisions and planning
–>You know how to manage people and have exhibited good leadership skills (in short, they don’t leave/resign because of you)

I wonder how she will survive this, knowing that she has alienated all possible people who can hire her. I have to say though, she provoked a lot of people to react, and made her article (and her) viral. Now everyone is talking about her (which essentially is what social sharing is all about). She’s clever in that sense.


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