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Multiply’s letting go of its social functionality and devoting itself to e-commerce

Multiply is dead! Long live facebook!!! (or until the next bandwagon thing comes along and Facebook eventually fades away)I have until December to move my stuff :-p Multiply’s letting go of its social functionality and devoting itself to e-commerce for Indonesia and the Philippines.  In fairness to multiply (unlike friendster) they were able to transform into a newspecialization before they closed down their social part .I need to gather and save all my pictures uploaded in Multiply before it shuts down. Aaaargh!

I’m more frequently on facebook now , butthough I love it, it’s a bit too fast-paced. If you miss the conversation whenit takes place, that’s it. Social media progress, I’ve been on and seen the demise of Friendster, LJ and Multiply; never got into Myspace or Xanga too. It’s just interesting to chart the length of time involvement in these sites peaked and when — and why — interest flagged. Possible media research topic, my academe-based friends? 😀