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And there’s the iPhone 5.Retailers is putting on sale iPhone 4 covers and accesories…getting ready for the iPhone 5…

On the day after (apparently) much talked about yesterday Apple special event/keynote, I’m watching a video of Steve Jobs from 2007 introducing the then unheard of iPhone. Now I want one. :))Β  This is a good comparison chart smartphones,in line of the much-waited iPhone5. There becomes a point when it becomes difficult to win through marketing alone. For sure, everyone planning to buy the iPhone 5 anyway. πŸ™‚ iPhone 5 is good, but there is no “wow” factor. The markets were initially a little shaky about Apple making announcements yesterday but ultimately the company value rose after the announcement of the new iPhone. Presumably this rise will continue towards the actual release in a couple of days time. I suppose it is possible that the consumers will then lap up the improved features as eagerly as the traders. The carriers will probably take advantage of this popularity to put high prices on iPhone 5 contracts.

This will be where it gets interesting. Given the aggressive pricing of Samsung Galaxy s3 contracts can iPhone compete at their traditionally high prices? The new iPhone does not offer anything radical and has a couple of failings not shared by many of its competitors. You know that the new iPhone is a disappointment when all that they can brag for is being the “slimmest” and having a bigger screen. I guess many of us have raised the expectations too high. πŸ™‚ If you’re living in an entire ecosystem of Apple products, then it should be a good addition πŸ™‚ iPhone 5 because of the minor, not-so-innovative design and technological improvements.

Apple or any other company won’t innovate for innovation’s sake (except for few). Whatever innovative new technology that’s going to revolutionize mobile phones that’s out there being developed is not just gonna pop out of nowhere. It will be slowly developed and integrated until consumers are ready to accept it, and until someone (perhaps Apple again) will introduce it to the public in a high-profile, fashionably exciting way. (case in point PDAs came out way before the iPhone) Though, at this point, I would believe Apple should come up with something truly new in their next model or two. But it’s obviously not the best iPhone they can make because they’re probably wrapping up designs/features for iPhone 6S. In reality iPhone is just a number … There is not much difference if all you need is a phone.

I love how Jimmy Kimmel just messes with people.Watch people react to the old iPhone thinking it’s the iPhone 5. Whenever an iPhone is launched, affection towards out friends/relatives in USA suddenly increases. πŸ˜€


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