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4 more years for Barack Obama — Good job America!

President Barack Obama, is officially re-elected as President of The United States of America! Congratulations and may God continue to bless America! I have to congratulate Romney as well for his hard fought campaign – if he didn’t flip flop so much on policies, he would have won. America has no more time to divide but to heal and move forward. Well it depends on bipartisan effort and leadership.

On a more serious note, to the Romney voters – Deep breaths. The sun will still rise tomorrow. I know this was a pretty big battle for a lot of you and many of you feel sick with defeat, but remember that every failure is so very temporary, we have a little devil and a BIG God, and God loves Obama way more than you might hate Obama for not knowing God. This isn’t the end of the world. You’ll still be there in 4 years, hopefully in a better position. Heck – look at the numbers. Your economy is slowly recovery, unemployment is heading downwards. Isn’t that kind of what you need right now? You may not agree with what Obama says, or even his policies, or even particularly like the guy but I think that he sincerely wants to help your country – the same as any other president.

To Obama voters – Congratulations. I’m excited to see what progress gets made in the next 4 years. Don’t party too hard. 😉 Anyways, I noticed some Americans instead of pulling together as a nation and praying for their re-elected  President , some people are whining and belly aching and bashing the re-elected President…America will never heal until you pull together as a Nation and quit playing the blame game and you all work together for the people and support your President whom ever he may be!

I will pray for your country and the leadership. God is in control, whether he be republican or democrat…..this was the fastest election process I’ve ever seen in the U.S.A 10:00 pm its done.The mock election held by the US Embassy in SM North Quezon City had 78% of Filipinos voting for Obama. My countrymen are predictable .God bless us all, and have a great  month, and rest of the year :):))


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