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Filipinos are reacting more positively to Pacquiao’s defeat today .It is not winning that you gain respect, it is how you played the game!




Let us just support him and give gratitude to the glory that he brought out country which no Filipino boxer has ever done before…


Let us not forget the many times the man gave honor to this country because of that one time he got knocked out by marquez. pacquiao is pacquiao. the world respects him big time.  When a country’s hero, who has put Filipino talent and values on the map, falls, you don’t say “retire” or “you’re too old”, you say “we still got your back in this tough time like we did during all the good ones”. Fight was epic but it was not the outcome we hoped for. I am hating those people who call themselves Filipinos and yet act like backstabbing idiots,that’s too bad. 😦 But that shouldn’t take away anything from what he’s accomplished.

I really hope that many Filipinos  realized that PACMAN has done so much already to put the Philippines on the globe for the rest of the world.So Pacquiao lost. It’s not the end of the world. He still has a home to go to and everything he needs to get by.A $25-30Million knockout deal. That’s approximately Php1.2Billion pesos in the bank he still gets. That’s more than anyone could ever hope to have as take-home pay IN ONE LIFETIME. At least PACMAN kids will still have a father coming home, not a vegetable. And he’s filthy freaking rich, there’s no real loss there.

Thank you Manny for unifying our country through the glorious years. You made us proud and you gained so much respect not just from your friends but also from your foes. I just hope that your circle of friends will remain with you through thick and thin.Proud of you for putting up a great fight, Manny Pacquiao, and for being humble enough to accept your defeat. Like waht you said “… that’s boxing!”

Pacquiao and Marquez both want to win big by knockout. Both fighters put stakes higher and took big risk thats why we saw early knock downs on both side, the fight could go either side but Marquez got the break they were preparing and took advantage! Sad for Pacquiao loss but That’s the nature of a contact sports, thats why many  love Boxing!!!It’s a game, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. That’s just how it is.Whatever happened today will not erase the fact that you are indeed one of the world’s greatest boxer. We are very proud of you Manny-PACMAN!


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