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Popes come & go but God remains




The resignation of Pope Benedict is a very selfless and heroic act. He is given the strength to make the discernment by those people who love and care for him and he got the courage by those people and the church and Jesus whom he loves so deeply.  I sincerely hope he came to that decision in the silence of his prayer, and nowhere else. I am bothered that here we are, trying to understand why Pope Benedict has resigned, and then you have some people already talking about the possibility of the first Filipino, Jesuit pope. I’m sure Cardinal Tagle is a fantastic guy, but I mean… really?? This is what we talk about right now?

I remember before that he’s tagged as the transition pope. Just sad that why this short. I actually appreciate him doing small things to reach out to the Church – twitter, perhaps?  I mean that’s such a new yet techie way to evangelize and he got it. I believe we should give him space to bow out gracefully, since he does it with full freedom. I love the TRADITIONAL Pope that he is! I love the passionate and dedicated SERVANT in him! I love the conviction that he stands for! And I love the courage that his fragile human heart has!!!! In this YEAR of FAITH…I pray for our Church leaders! May they walk in Christ’s footsteps as they continue the BATTLE of winning SOULS for CHRIST. May all the faithful be FISHERS of MEN and let the WORLD know that HEAVEN is for FREE!!!!!

Although keep praying; pray your hardest for these times…may Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, remain to be your Greatest Joy !  A blessed day to you all, God bless you & Pope Benedict! ♥ we pray for the remainder of your inspiring ministry as well as for your health.


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