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God Bless you with much wisdom and strength Pope Francis I!

I woke up this morning to this great news :  After two  days of conclave & 5 ballots, we have a  new pope He is Jorge Mario Bergoglio , the 76-year-old Archbishop of Buenos Aires and the first non-European & first South American pontiff, Pope Francis should have sang Don’t Cry For Me Argentina when he was in the balcony. Thank you Holy Spirit for guiding the Conclave in their discernment of choosing Pope Francis.

So why does some people conclude it is Francis of Assisi? The man is a Jesuit! They don’t know Francis Xavier? It’s Xavier, not Assisi. March 12 was when St. Francis Xavier was canonized. The Conclave started on March 12. St. Francis Xavier is the patron saint of the Society of Jesus (SJ), I’d like to think that the foremost reason for his choice of name is deeper than this. I’d like to think he was so moved by this from Pope Benedict and the need of the Church at present 🙂 the best part is, the new pope hit two birds with one stone with his choice of name 😉

I find myself totally charmed by this Pope and intrigued by the man. He shows the same humility and break with tradition that he demonstrated at the balcony .  I have high hopes. We need the right leadership and he seems to fit the bill. As they say he is pope of the people and rides public bus in Argentina. Hope he doesn’t go barefoot in Vatican. In any case, he just makes me want to hug him like I would a grandfather. And I love that he makes me feel that. 🙂 ♥

We pray that our new Supreme Pontiff, Pope Francis, will bring together a wounded Church, and welcome back those who were pushed aside. We hope that he will not cause further dissension by marginalizing others. Because as far as I remember, Jesus Christ called the sinners, tax collectors, and prostitutes a.k.a. the ‘othered’ populace. Please continue to guide him through these challenging times.


Post Updated on March  15, 2013 :
I am so relieved he is the new pope. He is not a Franciscan , he is a Jesuit and the first one. So this is going to be exciting! I have a good feeling because he’s from a place other than Europe (I mean I have nothing against Europeans) but maybe someone with a different perspective but still strong & holy? It must be a very tough shoes or sandals to fill. St Peter’s lol.I think many boys will be baptized Francis. Actually, I was mistaken. The new Pope took the name Francis in honor of St. Francis Assisi known for his simple lifestyle. By the way, it’s Pope Francis, period. Without the numeral. The next one will be Pope Francis Jr. (just kidding) Only after his death or his insistence will the numeral be added.

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