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Unlike mega to the max goodbye MULTIPLY

That was fast, Multiply announced that they’re closing shop by May 31, 2013, barely a few months that they’ve changed the platform into a marketplace oriented one. I can only imagine how sad it must be for the employees and everyone who made an effort to relaunch it. Multiply began in 2003, stresses a “real-world” network of “fraternity brothers” , classmates and put emphasis on media sharing whether it’s photos, videos entries , which become a clicked to Pinoy fond ” Kodak Moments”. When they shut down the social network in 2012 the decision was to focus on two eCommerce markets: Indonesia and the Philippines, then believed to be growing markets for eCommerce.

A bunch of us would shift between Multiply going to Facebook and I’d like the personalization of multiply much better than Facebook and how it all seemed to me at least to be like our very own webpages. With our art / poetry / blogs / music / customized albums.I think the social media was losing money for them. unfortunately I don’t think Indonesia and the Philippines met its expectations, so now even that segment is closing down. Facebook killed the Multiply by means of despread good variety of connection options made Facebook a better vehicle that slowly expanded and provided similar services inevitably.

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What a fun Masters 2013! Congrats to the the first Australian to win, Adam Scott!!!


Ooooh, Adam Scott congratulations for being so incredibly good looking…and for winning the Masters, too! đŸ™‚

Great way to start the week,wow, what an AMAZING Masters golf tourney . One of the best finishes that I can remember. Congratulations­ to Adam Scott , you played a GREAT game today. I think Australia is going crazy right about now.Safe to say that that was one of the best masters I’ve watched , best four days of golf in a long time and I don’t think anyone can be disappointing with who won it , we’ll deserved , well done Adam Scott !!!