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It’s Election Day in the Philippines

The voting process at my polling station went slightly smoothly. I’m done voting for 12 senatoriables and local candidates! Choose the lesser evil lols. A new beginning for Philippines depends on your vote. It’s very important that we exercise our right to vote & remember it is our obligation/duty in society to create movement of genuine change not just for one day but everyday. Voting is only part of a better Philippines, no matter who you vote for. Vote with conscience, vote with pride, vote for a better Philippines! 🙂

eVoting took me only 10 minutes. My eating time is even longer than that!

I found this  as good alternative to the comelec website. Let me quote Randy David taken from his column: “We have to build with every vote; we do not vote only when we have the perfect candidates.” Read more: here Thank you for corrupted leaders who yearn for money and power – this just show us how united Philippines can actually be to fight for what is right – and this means there’s still hope. Change has already happened, it’s just growing stronger, and it’s a matter of time Philippines get her clean days back.. Luckily we’re not compulsory to vote in the Philippines unlike in Australia. If you don’t vote, you get fined. The reasoning behind this is to increase the participation of the citizens to the election process. But many don’t think it’s democratic or even ethical like this academic

The most basic responsibility of any citizen is to vote. that’s the most basic. of all the candidates running now, there is certainly a number that deserves our support. is it through that first step that a citizen can express his right to choose who he wants to lead. now, beyond that, the citizen can then choose to do more by participating in civic action groups, ngos, etc. but the most basic, is to vote.



Today is Labor Day. I’m in the office working now haha…Here’s to a positive future. :)

Joining the bandwagon of celebrating Labor Day doing our work for the company…The days seem so fast! Everything looks like just yesterday! But thankful for the days gone by because i know I’m much closer to my heart’s desire. Happily looking forward to that day that my heart will be in content. ☺☺☺