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What a good day to be a Filipino indeed!


   Congrats to all of us! Another reason to be proud today…People cleaned up the park before they left. Proud to be a Filipino.

The rally picnic earlier was not a charade or moro-moro. What message would that have sent to senate, congress, and those who profit from their plunder? That they could go back to business as usual, treating our hard-earned taxes like personal piggy banks to finance their lavish lifestyles and to further their political careers? Because Filipino were too jaded to care? I’m proud to have been there and it may have been one step, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. I hope the legislators in both chambers are aware of that. And that they will realize that they can’t circumvent the law and just put up with us for now but eventually, get back to ‘BUSINESS AS USUAL” for the PORK.

I can imagine them trying to do a series of caucuses and meetings (over these past days and even in the succeeding months) in order to DO DAMAGE CONTROL, like any great company and organizations I have been to where specific circumstances needed to be addressed. We know very well how PR (public relations) and all efforts geared to project a GOOD IMAGE work. Thus, we have to remain vigilant. We are aware too that even with the abolition, the evil that is Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), a.k.a. congressional pork barrel will simply hibernate only to metamorphose with more creative names. But the crooks will remain the same – the old, corrupt, dynasties we have seen all these times. Thanks to our “despotic amnesia”. These politicians from the executive and legislative will entertain us. Perhaps, let us feel that they feel for us or seemingly share our cause but only to rob us dry all the more.

I’m sure if they study and analyze the growth in the financial resources of these elected politicians I’m betting 99% of them became really rich in such a short time! Remove the Pork Barrel now!  If there’s a will, there’s a way. The corruption is everywhere. Shamelessness at its maximum! It’s a shame to have shameless legislators! Corruption is ingrained in our culture. How to change it will take time. We’ve had two EDSAs and the same thing happened again. Look–Erap was pardoned and allowed to run. Cory asked for his forgiveness. PNoy invited him to his inauguration. What does that tell the people? The New System proposed by the Palace is that the Congressmen and Senators will now recommend projects to government agencies (dpwh ,deped etc). Then the funds will be used. Make sense? Is it logical? Are the legislators competent to recommend? Whats the role of LGU officials now? There is redundancy here. The congressmen and Senators why can’t they just concentrate on making laws? has no business implementing projects. Focus on improving our laws. Pass the FOI (Freedom of Information) Bill, while you’re at it. If you can, amend the Constitution as well.

I heard this earlier a suggestion from a friend of my mom to the Philippine “government” who do not want to remove the pork barrel.

  1.  All Senators/Congressmen hands –of  to the following projects : education, health , infrastructure (telecommunication) and security. Let the respective government agencies – DEPED/CHED/TESDA, DOH,DPWH & AFP/PNP DO IT. They know better than you!
  2. It will be the governors and mayors who will recommend project aside from those in major services for line item budgeting approval to their senators / congressmen and submission DBM.
  3. Allocate only two to three million per year for each of the senators and congressmen as Calamity and Constituent Fund (CCF) no projects will be funded by the CCF. Your Job is to make laws not projects. You are all incompetent to be Project Managers

I believe the 3 suggestion above is a win-win solution!  But for me here are what our lawmakers should do:

1) Resign from their post. They were not able to do one of the key jobs they were elected to do. That is, be the gatekeepers and stewards of the people’s money that they have been entrusted to ensure these are spent correctly. They have put their interest ahead of the Philippine’s and the Filipino people’s.

2) If they are too thick-faced to resign, then let go of their pork barrel. They have shown that they are incapable of handling such huge amounts.

3) If, still, they dont want to let go of their pork, then I hope they burn you know where.

Our taxes better be going to classrooms, bridges and education programs. Can’t we just nominate where our own taxes go, and be the one fulfill it? We pay so much in tax hoping that the money goes to infrastructure, economy, and poor… but really sad that we bankroll the frivolous and wasteful lifestyle of the Napoles family and corrupt politicians

Let’s remain vigilant. It’s time we truly get involved with good governance, politics, the many facets of government and most importantly the budgetary procedures and financial dispensations of the nation. Let’s consistently demand accountability & transparency at all times, in all sectors,  , in season & out season . Well, we don’t need to be experts. Let us support those who are experts in the various fields.

Be informed. Read more. Discern more. Pray harder. Let’s support those who risk their lives exposing anomalies and deficiencies, that is, if we truly care and would want to do our share in nation building. Enough of being regarded as the sick man of Asia. We have been living with such stigma over the last 3 decades! We deserve a truly happier and more transparent Philippines! Each Filipino , at the very least, deserve a good life !


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