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It’s the fault of the Mother not the shopping mall

Did you hear about the three year old who died in an escalator accident in 999 Mall in Binondo, Manila?  I read of this tragedy that happened few days ago. A child died after sustaining head injuries from getting caught by the escalator.  Story says that the mother left her 3 year old unattended while she shopping and looked for shoes  . As much I sympathize for her loss, she should take the blame for her son’s loss.That woman should have called her son’s attention to go where she is (i.e. “(Son’s name)! Come here to the store. Please don’t play with the escalator.”) She thinks that he won’t get hurt. It is her responsibility to look after him and it is not the employees’ responsibility to look after her son. She is not thinking. I see kids mess with the escalators and the parents do NOTHING.  It’s just easier to blame the mall and their escalator.

Reminds me three years old are truly innocent of such things and must never be left unattended….negligence on the part of the mother. They always try to find someone else to blame other than themselves. Yeah, don’t be that parent. Don’t make the store pay for your irresponsibility and incompetence. You don’t give care about your own kid, why should the mall? Even though hundreds of parents and children rode on it the same day this poor kid was being neglected by his mother so she could buy another pair of shoes. I wish more parents to be alarmed and scared about this incident, which means you know the value of your children. You don’t mindlessly shit them out and neglect them later.


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