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So what did we learn from US Airways incident?

Another classic example on how organizations can totally screw their social media if they did not monitor activities carefully. US Airways became the latest victim to social media disaster. It is a little funny how social media can help to promote a brand. … but in an instant can cause so much damage as well.

I believe the biggest problem here  giving such an important role in the company to someone who doesn’t have the expertise to do it. Which means I’m pissed with the people who hired this person not the person who made the ‘mistake’. In this case I don’t believe the community manager  deserves to keep his job. IF the link was copied and pasted that would be top of mind for the rest of the day you wouldn’t paste anything without double and triple checking it… unless you’re insane.

If the photo was uploaded the twitter photo preview would have hinted at the content of the photo. Regardless of HOW it got there I’d like to know what kind of community manager doesn’t check their accounts for over an hour when those kind of notifications are coming in. Come on. …Negligence is not an accident and this person will likely repeat that all over again. Copying and pasting is where I have the biggest issue, I feel like if you had copied and pasted a VAGINA you wouldn’t forget it; for the rest of the day you’d be like, if you’re a company  going to invest in social media  commit to it or don’t do it but hiring inexperienced kids or interns to be the voice of your brand is never a good idea.



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