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Temporary closure of Boracay

I say yes to closure. But here’s a twist.

Have the business owners and their workforce help clean it up. Of course, they have to be paid by the local government or the Philippine government in order to compensate their lost earnings. Sounds dumb, really. But that’s the best I can think of for a win/win situation.

The tourists have the freedom to look for another place.There should be a master plan indicating the following:
1. Specific situations to be resolved like solid, liquid, and air pollution and waste management; definition of public, commercial areas and forest lands; immediate and regular maintenance; application or revisions of applicable local and national laws.
2. Timeline of work programs with specific targets, areas, timelines, approved budget, and responsible entities
3. Support programs for displaced wage earners and local micro-small businesses.
4. Specific targets to be completed and acceptable variances.
5. FAQs with directory of contacts of responsible officers

When the roads or drainage system is being repaired in-front of your business establishment, does the government or your land lord give you financial assistance for your loss of business for that period? Does the lease get waived when there’s construction?

In reality, there is never win win situation.Business is about risk and repairs and development will always be there that is a part of risk.Its not the current admins fault. Its the greedy pigs before hand that welcomed the profit but never fixed what needed to be fix. Its good that the current admin is fixing something rather than all the previous admins allowing everything to rot.

This closure will let the future generation appreciate boracay as we have in the now.