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RIP, Mang Dolphy. You are a true national treasure

Mang Dolphy was laid to rest. White doves were made to fly away along with our prayers. Earlier I cried few tears watching the burial services of Dolphy. Nice how it became a celebration of what wonderful life he led, how many lives he has touched and what a huge impact he has made to the Filipinos. Don’t just focus on his death, but celebrate that he lived. His death is a tragedy, but let it be overshadowed by his legacy. The song Seasons of Love was played. It was comforting, yet, sad… Farewell, John Purutong, Mang Kevin … Fine and good if Dolphy is declared a National Artist. But he is bigger than the award. He does not need bureaucratic closure to complete his legacy. Real love. You don’t see it often nowadays. I cried whole weekend because of this :

Dolphin is great. He has brought laughter and smiles to at least three generations of Filipinos. It was a very moving tribute to Dolphy.  I was excited though to see my Idol, Maricel Soriano who was Dolphy’s very first onscreen daughter on John En Marsha. Zsa Zsa Padilla’s not even the wife but life partner…but she showered him with all the love. Lucky Dolphy too and he loved ZsaZsa deeply too…great love. What a beautiful eulogy by a wife for a husband.

It’s really sad news especially for the generations who grew up watching John and Marsha or Home Along da Riles.  I was a fan of the show, “John En Marsha”… I watched it in the late 80’s and early 90’s, the famous line for John Puruntong in John and Marsha – “kaya Ikaw John magsumikap ka….” vividly reminds me of Mang Dolphy and should serve as a reminder to all that success is not difficult if you work hard for it. God bless you Mang Dolphy. My childhood will never be complete without  Home Along Da Riles & John and Marsha .May you rest in peace. 🙂  

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Happy Daddy’s day to all you father’s out there, especially to our papa

Notice that Father’s day tends to be less publicized as compared to Mother’s Day.Everyday should be Fathers’ Day. It’s that time of the year again and I can’t help but feel a bit envious at those who can celebrate Fathers’ Day without the sadness.Happy father’s day to my Papa I think I got my persevering & figthing spirit from you. In addition happy Father’s Day to all my relatives and friends who are dads. I hope you’re feeling all the love everyday . 🙂

With papa and mama at the Manila Ocean Park . Take care of your health, papa. We love you!!!

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Happy Mothers Day to all mothers,mudra,nanay,mommy,mama,mamu

Nanay, inay, mama, mudra, mudang,mommy, ina, Nay, mudrakels ….no matter how many names we may call you, you will always be PRICELESS to us no matter what the circumstances may be. A tireless and often under appreciated job… but can you imagine where we’d be without them? Let us all take a bow and bask in our love and admiration to all the mothers. Have you ever wondered why it’s “Mother’s Day” and not “Mothers’ Day”? Because every mother deserves her own day, that’s why!This is a special day for the women who risked their lives during childbirth and then devotes their entire life to their children.

To all the mothers out there,a day is not enough to thank you for all the love and hard work that you give for your families. May our great God bless you all with more love, care and understanding.  especially my own Mom ,   for tirelessly waking up every morning to cook our baon before I go to school even until now that I am working ; and even though you still treat me like a little kid, you’ll always have a special place in my heart.  It’s hard to quantifiable define the best mom, but she raised a little terror like me and I didn’t turn out too bad 🙂 You make the world a better place 🙂 To all my friends, love ones who are mothers and to all the mothers of my dear friends,Happy Mother’s Day!

To my mother – thanks for being the wonderful, gracious and ever so loving & patient woman that you are. I love you! 🙂

Father Joey shared the following thoughts on MOTHER’S DAY :

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This sounds very interesting! :) Why feel guilty being an introvert?

 Great stuff, will definitely be in my top 10 TED list 😛

I’ve struggled with introversion my whole life. I was  the type who would hide behind her sister’s skirt. BUT as the speaker had mentioned, society demands from us to be extroverts. It is true, in a lot of cases those who speak up are those who are heard. I also struggled with this growing up because I knew that in many cases the people leading us were wrong. But we follow them anyway because they are the ones who stepped up (*ahem* *politicians*). And because society gives so much praise on extroversion, I had to change. I agree with MOST of what the speaker said in the video, BUT it is this same society that favors extroversion that brings out the courage in us introverts.

I didn’t realize, I’ve always tried my best to be an extrovert, but it’s also okay, and even essential sometimes, to activate the “introvert” side of me. Many great things and ideas are discovered in deep thoughts, and many celebrated leaders are introverts. Something for the society to ponder upon. I don’t have to be all bubbly and jolly all the time and just listening or being on my own is okay. I think, as much as I have very similar scores with (E), sensing and (I) Introversion in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) , I’m still more inclined to being an introverts , who finds joy in being with  extrovert 🙂 thank you for enriching my world! 😉

 Good guide to managing teams. Each member of a team is unique in some ways, introverts are one of them.

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That’s known as projectile dysfunction

After so much hyped, “North Korea’s rocket mission” failed and broke up minutes after launch. North Korea just tried testing a long range missile after weeks of being told not to and it failed and fell into the sea, total misplacement of priorities, instead of investing in improving the welfare of their countrymen, & their economy. What was even more laughable was that they said it was a satellite for peaceful purposes. That’s like saying pigs can fly and fairies exists. The next UN aid mission to North Korea should contain a few extra tubs of ice cream and romantic comedies, because “Kim-Jong-Un” is going through a tough “break-up” right now.

North Korea rocket launch a spectacular FAILURE!!! Thank God!  The video showed the exact situation in North Korea

North Korea they sure know how to celebrate Friday the 13th!!! The video showed funny things in this event.

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This prosecution lawyer was asking for it and he thought he can get away with it!

This prosecution lawyer was asking for it. Hahaha ..... and he thought he can get away with it! Only one of the few who can do that to Sen. Miriam

I was in our office in Makati earlier when I heard via radio about incident on the prosecution lawyer who covering his ears the whole time that Senator Miriam was speaking. Why do I feel like the prosecution panel, instead of promoting the best interest of the Filipino people, make things worse? They’re acting like rookies when they could actually do so much better. As if they’re not attempting to impeach the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court! Chief Justice Corona will get away with all the things he’s been charged with on the basis of the prosecutions (ahem) competence. If I were a conspiracy theorist I’d suspect Niel Tupas is a mole actually working for the defense. Hahaha. From the Small Lady or the Gate. From the Holy one or U Wrong. Fake or Not. With or without discrepancies. Fact is, that document was obtained without benefit of a court order. The fairy tales continue and the prosecution is drowning in their sea of lies.

Hearing all the perks that the Supreme Court Justices receive, I would like to know how much in similar cash benefits and allowances each of the top officials receive, from all 3 branches. I hope the “PCIJ” would also make a study of the “SALNs” of all Senator-Judges. It would be interesting to compare the completeness of the SALNs of Senators Enrile andAngara with all the others. Sec Abad admitted he didn’t put acquisition values in his SALN. So what now? Double standard again? Most of these public officials surely erred and are guilty of the same error. Impeachable offense? Nah, I don’t think so. I’m very sure all of them including Pnoy are not declaring their SALN completely & accurately as provided in our constitution.


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It’s more fun in the Philippines! In fairness!

New campaign of Department of Tourism: “It’s more fun in the Philippines” is cute. Definitely an improvement over “Pilipinas Kay Ganda”. Switzerland? Philadelphia? It’s definitely more fun in The Philippines. Congratulations to the Secretary of Tourism, his staff and BBDO for making this campaign happen!!! Cute campaign. Now if only the rest of the country can live up to the promise, Then it would be more fun in the Philippines.So please stop looking for loopholes and just support this campaign. On a positive note… those  issues about the new campaign of Department of Tourism are good signs of its efficiency. With more issues, more people will be curious about it. Nevertheless, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

As “Mr.Jos Ortega”  said : ” In branding, the objective is to own a word or idea in the hearts and minds of the consumers. Department of Toursim is trying to own FUN. The job of marketing is to make sure that it happens. Sometimes somebody else can already own a word, but it is taken away by a more aggressive competitor. Offhand, Switzerland doesn’t even own FUN. Google FUN in 3 weeks time and I’ll bet majority of the first 5 pages will show Philippines. That’s the beauty of competition and marketing. I’d go on with it. I believe in the power of the Filipino digital community. We will own FUN ” .

But as if we really want to improve tourism in Philippines, we need more than marketing. We need infrastructure and improved systems. We have so many great destinations but it’s so freaking difficult to get there/make arrangements/get decent accommodations. I hope Department of Tourism will work with Local Government Units and help them figure out how to make their tourist attractions more accessible.

Other news : Starting January 16, 2012, it will be more FUN in the PHILIPPINES! The circus at the Senate Impeachment hearing begins!They have Circus Soleil … ‘Pinas has Circus Pasawei …Yes! And it’s going to be FUN!