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Is anyone planning on pre -ordering the iPhone X?

You’re planning on pre -ordering  the iPhone X?  It’s $999 for a phone… Oh I’m totally getting one. In four years. When the iPhone 16 comes out. That’s about my rate of renewal. I had to upgrade to the 6s when they no longer supported my old iPhone. My concern about the new phone is all glass. I need a phone made of super ball material. I need it to bounce when I drop it. Now that’s my kind of phone! Someone needs to invent that! :p

This is the first time I have not been interested in much less excited about a new iPhone launch. I am not sure how the newer models would make my life better. Is face recognition better than fingerprint sensing? Do I really need a larger screen than what I have on the 6S Plus? Do I want to give up my independent headphone jack (given that I user pretty nice headphones)? Do I want to spend 999 plus the uplift for a 128 plus Apple Care plus sales tax for a phone that doesn’t really advance anything for me? Does reverting to a glass back sound good? The answer to all of the above is “no”. This 6S Plus 128 had better last a while.

Apple marketing is increasingly becoming like others – a lot of words, numbers and specs to try and knock you over. The magic in their clean marketing of yore is gone through and through. Since there are more players in the smartphone market now, new features (if you can call it that) may be revealed by Android clones though I don’t see any exciting features from Android clones too. They’re mainly incremental changes of features usually first introduced by Apple, eg fingerprint scanner, sharper displays, chamfered edges etc . Was there anything groundbreaking in the Note 8? So its only natural to think you’ve seen all this before, until someone reimagines the next communication device. Also, every new iPhone release is prefaced with a steady stream of leaks months before the release and these leaks are now more accurate than before.



The pros and cons of playing video games

Pros = when gaming, you are God in the game or the champion and the super hero of the day. And when you don’t like the outcome, you just restart or wipe out the loss. Now who wouldn’t want that power and escapism?

Cons: You actually think you are God and a super hero and somehow that seeps from subconscious into your consciousness. The bad? Spending so much time in front of the computer will definitely be detrimental to myopia levels and school grades! Moderation is the key.

Like any activity, video gaming if taken to the extreme can be detrimental. Are there pros? Yes, many in fact, but I’d admit most kids would not have the mental fortitude to understand why/how they’re playing the game. Video games offer tremendous valuable lessons to the kids, if only their guardians knew how.

To be fair, there are simply too many genres of video games on too many platforms. How one can find Minecraft or Civilization nefarious, amazes me. On the other hand, I’ve been told Candy Crush is an amazing educational game to keep kids occupied. OK, I’ll take that.

Parents need to be aware of what video games their kids are playing and how they spend their time playing it. Try forcing a 12year old boy playing Dota or League with his friends at computer shop to continue with his homework, mid-game. Good luck with that.

Parents who are not media savvy and have no tolerance for video games are going to develop communication issues with their kids, especially if they offer no alternative.

At the end of the day, like all forms of media, video games can both be a positive and negative stimulus. It’s up to the parents to expose them to the right games, and educating themselves on these games before exposing their children. Easier said than done, so the only answer falls back to moderation.

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So what did we learn from US Airways incident?

Another classic example on how organizations can totally screw their social media if they did not monitor activities carefully. US Airways became the latest victim to social media disaster. It is a little funny how social media can help to promote a brand. … but in an instant can cause so much damage as well.

I believe the biggest problem here  giving such an important role in the company to someone who doesn’t have the expertise to do it. Which means I’m pissed with the people who hired this person not the person who made the ‘mistake’. In this case I don’t believe the community manager  deserves to keep his job. IF the link was copied and pasted that would be top of mind for the rest of the day you wouldn’t paste anything without double and triple checking it… unless you’re insane.

If the photo was uploaded the twitter photo preview would have hinted at the content of the photo. Regardless of HOW it got there I’d like to know what kind of community manager doesn’t check their accounts for over an hour when those kind of notifications are coming in. Come on. …Negligence is not an accident and this person will likely repeat that all over again. Copying and pasting is where I have the biggest issue, I feel like if you had copied and pasted a VAGINA you wouldn’t forget it; for the rest of the day you’d be like, if you’re a company  going to invest in social media  commit to it or don’t do it but hiring inexperienced kids or interns to be the voice of your brand is never a good idea.


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Everybody seems to be showing their Facebook movie today

It’s raining Facebook videos!!! I love it!!! Thank you for flooding my newsfeed in facebook with happy memories videos of my facebook friends. My sister Reylyn the first person i saw (from what I know) to actually invited me to join this facebook .:)) Facebook turns 10 today. Having only spent five years there , I am grateful to this social media account, because it help me connect easily to my family and friends. I am one of those who log in just to check out my notifications everyday, I am able to catch up on the latest trending news around the globe through my newsfeed in facebook.

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Unlike mega to the max goodbye MULTIPLY

That was fast, Multiply announced that they’re closing shop by May 31, 2013, barely a few months that they’ve changed the platform into a marketplace oriented one. I can only imagine how sad it must be for the employees and everyone who made an effort to relaunch it. Multiply began in 2003, stresses a “real-world” network of “fraternity brothers” , classmates and put emphasis on media sharing whether it’s photos, videos entries , which become a clicked to Pinoy fond ” Kodak Moments”. When they shut down the social network in 2012 the decision was to focus on two eCommerce markets: Indonesia and the Philippines, then believed to be growing markets for eCommerce.

A bunch of us would shift between Multiply going to Facebook and I’d like the personalization of multiply much better than Facebook and how it all seemed to me at least to be like our very own webpages. With our art / poetry / blogs / music / customized albums.I think the social media was losing money for them. unfortunately I don’t think Indonesia and the Philippines met its expectations, so now even that segment is closing down. Facebook killed the Multiply by means of despread good variety of connection options made Facebook a better vehicle that slowly expanded and provided similar services inevitably.

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♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥¸¸.•*¬¨*•♫♪… ♥ BEYONCE ♥


Destiny’s Child singing Single Ladies at Superbowl halftime & maximum Hotness on that stage…: D: P

Loved the halftime show. Beyonce rocks.  Destiny’s Child singing Single Ladies at Superbowl halftime!

The half time show is SO MUCH BETTER than last year’s! ♥ Beyonce ♥ she looks absolutely beautiful!! And it was so great to see Destiny’s Child again!!!  I honestly don’t understand why people give her so much crap about lip singing at the inauguration. Beyonce is still the number one in my hottest celebrity list. That stance has not changed in ten years.  Everybody knows she CAN sing.


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And there’s the iPhone 5.Retailers is putting on sale iPhone 4 covers and accesories…getting ready for the iPhone 5…

On the day after (apparently) much talked about yesterday Apple special event/keynote, I’m watching a video of Steve Jobs from 2007 introducing the then unheard of iPhone. Now I want one. :))  This is a good comparison chart smartphones,in line of the much-waited iPhone5. There becomes a point when it becomes difficult to win through marketing alone. For sure, everyone planning to buy the iPhone 5 anyway. 🙂 iPhone 5 is good, but there is no “wow” factor. The markets were initially a little shaky about Apple making announcements yesterday but ultimately the company value rose after the announcement of the new iPhone. Presumably this rise will continue towards the actual release in a couple of days time. I suppose it is possible that the consumers will then lap up the improved features as eagerly as the traders. The carriers will probably take advantage of this popularity to put high prices on iPhone 5 contracts.

This will be where it gets interesting. Given the aggressive pricing of Samsung Galaxy s3 contracts can iPhone compete at their traditionally high prices? The new iPhone does not offer anything radical and has a couple of failings not shared by many of its competitors. You know that the new iPhone is a disappointment when all that they can brag for is being the “slimmest” and having a bigger screen. I guess many of us have raised the expectations too high. 🙂 If you’re living in an entire ecosystem of Apple products, then it should be a good addition 🙂 iPhone 5 because of the minor, not-so-innovative design and technological improvements.

Apple or any other company won’t innovate for innovation’s sake (except for few). Whatever innovative new technology that’s going to revolutionize mobile phones that’s out there being developed is not just gonna pop out of nowhere. It will be slowly developed and integrated until consumers are ready to accept it, and until someone (perhaps Apple again) will introduce it to the public in a high-profile, fashionably exciting way. (case in point PDAs came out way before the iPhone) Though, at this point, I would believe Apple should come up with something truly new in their next model or two. But it’s obviously not the best iPhone they can make because they’re probably wrapping up designs/features for iPhone 6S. In reality iPhone is just a number … There is not much difference if all you need is a phone.

I love how Jimmy Kimmel just messes with people.Watch people react to the old iPhone thinking it’s the iPhone 5. Whenever an iPhone is launched, affection towards out friends/relatives in USA suddenly increases. 😀