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How do you reflect on your life and your mortality?

Having seeing death of my loved ones this year can be a wake-up call to think deeply about what we use our short time here for. They shift my perspective and help me reflect on the need to seize every day as if it was the last. (as the old adage goes) Recently, during recollection,we asked to write our own eulogy’ exercises .I was struck by the pure insignificance my death would have on the world. I imagined that I had died and what the impact of my death would be. Yes, some would miss me. Yes, some would mourn for me. Yes, some would lose something because of my non-existence.

But, really, how much of an impact would my death really have? The people that are affected at the outset would return to their lifestyles, their routines. They would find ways to continue on with their lives without me.

This experience left me with many profound realizations:

– People are extraordinary. Regardless of what life throws at them (my death for example), they would be able to pick themselves up, find a way onwards, and be happy. People are actually quite powerful when faced with change.

– If death (and life) are so insignificant what does it matter what I do? I could choose to be a complete bitchy and piss people off. I could work a corporate job and do what everyone else does. I could be a pure saint. I could stand for something. I could look bad, be embarrassed, be scared, be courageous, be confident, be powerful. None of this matters at all, because one day I will die and everyone will just move on. I actually find this insight incredibly uplifting and empowering.

I suppose on an egotistical level, I would love to think that my death would have an impact. Perhaps by my death people would be inspired to make drastic changes in their life. Perhaps they will be inspired to be more empathetic and caring for every other person. Perhaps they will be more open and transparent. Perhaps they will take responsibility for their lives and their choices.

But, I think this is a pipe dream. Nothing will happen at my death. The only thing I could ever possibly impact is those people around me, who interact with me while I’m alive, every day.


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Saddened discovering the “Power Struggle”

Just realized on a few people I know, who are self-centered and ego-centric which I suspect, mix with tinges of myriad of insecurities . What they have in common are being abusive in one respect or other – whether verbal, physical in ways and avenues they manifest mainly to their closest and dearest. However, they are invariably charming, pleasant, nice and helpful to strangers, acquaintances and friends, especially female friends.

For one who I knew a long time, it took me a while to realize all his tales of woe of his family not being nice to him and me wondering why this was so – was because he was verbally and physically abusive to them. It give me a shock to realized this once I fully comprehend it. He was also proud of it – I heard the pride in his voice when he admitted to beating up a woman.

Another was so proud of his own faults he accused me of a lot of things he himself was. For no good reason he had an outburst. I was so amazed by his accusations but realized it was no good pointing this out to him – that his accusations described him exactly and when I asked my guidance counselor friend what was up with that – he explained “projection” to me. I was his projection for some reason or other.

All these few people I was thinking about had a common denominator which cued me to their inner demons and real self – bad temper with a tendency to lash out , shout and scream over inconsequential matters and a huge tendency to run down others and people in their lives. Mind you, this is not merely bad behavior – I realized with these people that once you let them get away with say , shouting at you once, they will do so again. And again. They only do it to people who will put up with it. And soon, they will start running you down too. They do it to bolster their insecurities – especially when they perceive you are doing “better” than them.

I used to feel sorry for these people – because they do project they were hard done by in one way or another ; by world, family, friends, people etc – but gradually when they reveal their true selves – I stay away from them. Truth is, it is usually too late for most of these people – to change or otherwise. Because they have locked themselves into this behavior and have been allowed to get away like this for decades. In spite of relationship failures – it is always somebody’s faulty. Family, friends, girlfriends, wives.

Nowadays, I don’t put up or feel sorry or want to put up with these types of people. To those who are abusive, narcissistic or with a behavioral disorder in dealing with me, I use to tell them where to get off. No matter who it is, I think it’s important to make yourself clear and try to avoid people who doesn’t deserve to deal with. Sometimes it helps to hold up a mirror to them. This way they can probably become aware of their own anger or dysfunctional self to cure it. I am learning that I cannot help everyone and that I cannot let people use excuses of their dysfunctional childhood/lives as excuses to behave badly . And that I have to stay far away from these abusive and frequently bullying people. People who were bullied/abused can go either way – become one themselves or help others.  Besides what I mentioned above , includes the following:

1. Trigger-Happy-Road-Rage-Ready behavior,
2. Maid, animal Abuse,
3. calling Flats, “Houses”
4. Spousal Violence, Emotional Abuse,..
5. ..etc,….
May I respectfully state that such behaviors – is NOT Gender specific, but another manifestation of the “Power struggle”.. Do Take care,..and avoid such toxic people,..WE DO Have a Choice. 



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So what did we learn from US Airways incident?

Another classic example on how organizations can totally screw their social media if they did not monitor activities carefully. US Airways became the latest victim to social media disaster. It is a little funny how social media can help to promote a brand. … but in an instant can cause so much damage as well.

I believe the biggest problem here  giving such an important role in the company to someone who doesn’t have the expertise to do it. Which means I’m pissed with the people who hired this person not the person who made the ‘mistake’. In this case I don’t believe the community manager  deserves to keep his job. IF the link was copied and pasted that would be top of mind for the rest of the day you wouldn’t paste anything without double and triple checking it… unless you’re insane.

If the photo was uploaded the twitter photo preview would have hinted at the content of the photo. Regardless of HOW it got there I’d like to know what kind of community manager doesn’t check their accounts for over an hour when those kind of notifications are coming in. Come on. …Negligence is not an accident and this person will likely repeat that all over again. Copying and pasting is where I have the biggest issue, I feel like if you had copied and pasted a VAGINA you wouldn’t forget it; for the rest of the day you’d be like, if you’re a company  going to invest in social media  commit to it or don’t do it but hiring inexperienced kids or interns to be the voice of your brand is never a good idea.


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First time ever in MAS history… Praying for the lost plane!

I’ve finally managed to squeeze some time to make a blog post again.  (And to think I’m still busy with many datelines in work and family time) Late last night, I was reading and watching news which an airplane just disappears into thin air. Then my sister came in my room and the first thing she asked was: “why you look so sad?”  I think I will never ever be able to understand the grief that passengers’ family have to go through now. It is beyond my imagination. If I understand correctly the news said, there were two passengers that boarded the airplane with fake passports. The said two passengers in the airplane using stolen Italian and Austrian passports purchased the tickets online at the same time so having consecutive e-ticket numbers. Both passports stolen in Phuket, Thailand. If this really true, they got half naked at security and the gate in the airport but they let these people to fly with fake passports?

Airplane appeared to turn back before disappearing   … was the airplane hijacked, went dark, and landed somewhere?  the mystery deepens. As of the moment, still no wreckage found, both the oil slick and strange object turned out to be false alarms.  The most recent similar incident is the Air France Jet that disappeared in the Atlantic flying from Brazil to Paris, no distress call from the pilots. The suspected cause was air speed sensors that froze up and fed wrong information to the flight computer causing some sort of catastrophic failure. The air France operations center just received automated messages from the airplane that systems were failing, which i suspect Malaysian Airlines may be in possession of but has not disclosed yet.

safe              Never lose hope.We are deeply shocked and-up to now they still can’t confirm what happened to that Malaysian Airlines plane that mysteriously disappeared without a trace at 35,000 feet.

I’m just thinking about this if we have GPS on our smart phone or in our tablet, how come an aircraft can be equipped a technology like that? So, I’m forced to conclude that my question is very technical to answer it. I’ve spoken to a schoolmate friend through viber who happened to be knowledgeable in technology and asked him about this incident in this day and age do planes still just vanish? Considering that today we have sophisticated GPS and radar/ satellite technologies, I am confused is that the physical plane has not been recovered yet? There’s is something they are not telling the public.

According to him : “ the smartphone doesn’t have a GPS transmitter or receiver in it, it actually has a RF transmitter and receiver in it so you can not only receive and transmit across GPRS, 3 and 4G networks, but also across 801.xx networks. (i.e. WiFi) This is actually a really important differentiator; let me prove to you how and why. When you next go into a public place and find the deepest and furthest spot away from where you can visibly see the sky… turn on your compass. Notice how your smartphone and tablet device will not only work, but will also give you the long. and latitude of your location.

 The reason for this is that they are actually measuring from the closest GSM base stations and EVERY wifi router that is radiating any RF signal and then triangulating your position with reference to these. It is actually a pretty simple algorithm (4th year high school Physics), but, it is actually VERY accurate. Reason being is that none of the other signals are actually moving and they themselves have all been  geography located over time,  including the exact same principal. In fact, the more dense the electronic population, the more accurate they will tell you your location. Try it next time your deep underground in difference situations…… the tunnel in greenbelt 5 mall in Makati.

However, from all reports, this only really accounts for about 1% of failures (and a number of friends who have been QF Captains for over 20 years haven’t had GPS failures of any sorts, other than power supply to the GPS transponders). With that being said, besides solar flares and issues of Strat/Ionosphere interference and diffraction, and cloud cover (which apparently have been ruled out now), there shouldn’t as far as I can tell (not that this means much BTW ;-)), from everything I have read over the past 40 hours, there really is nothing technically should have interrupted the GPS transponder feed info other than influence by a human element.

I’m sure you know (and everyone as well) that there were two alleged stolen passports used with passengers and authorities are now looking into this as well. I’ll be honest with you; I have developed a fear of flying over the past 6 months, due to the high frequency of taking flights and encountering turbulence. Hoping and praying everyone will be save, and restore my faith in flight. “

I WAS  thinking  and racking my brain over this incident  it is strange, where did a large plane disappeared to? Whether it crashed, disintegrated or even got hijack, it’s strange no sight or signals could be found. But for relatives, without confirmation and closure, it’s agony that there is no discovery of any sort. If superheroes do exist in the world, there is no better time than now to show yourself. Humanity needs you. My thoughts and prayers are with the passengers and crew, and families of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. This is a VERY strange and potentially devastating happening in aviation industry.

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It’s the fault of the Mother not the shopping mall

Did you hear about the three year old who died in an escalator accident in 999 Mall in Binondo, Manila?  I read of this tragedy that happened few days ago. A child died after sustaining head injuries from getting caught by the escalator.  Story says that the mother left her 3 year old unattended while she shopping and looked for shoes  . As much I sympathize for her loss, she should take the blame for her son’s loss.That woman should have called her son’s attention to go where she is (i.e. “(Son’s name)! Come here to the store. Please don’t play with the escalator.”) She thinks that he won’t get hurt. It is her responsibility to look after him and it is not the employees’ responsibility to look after her son. She is not thinking. I see kids mess with the escalators and the parents do NOTHING.  It’s just easier to blame the mall and their escalator.

Reminds me three years old are truly innocent of such things and must never be left unattended….negligence on the part of the mother. They always try to find someone else to blame other than themselves. Yeah, don’t be that parent. Don’t make the store pay for your irresponsibility and incompetence. You don’t give care about your own kid, why should the mall? Even though hundreds of parents and children rode on it the same day this poor kid was being neglected by his mother so she could buy another pair of shoes. I wish more parents to be alarmed and scared about this incident, which means you know the value of your children. You don’t mindlessly shit them out and neglect them later.

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Everybody seems to be showing their Facebook movie today

It’s raining Facebook videos!!! I love it!!! Thank you for flooding my newsfeed in facebook with happy memories videos of my facebook friends. My sister Reylyn the first person i saw (from what I know) to actually invited me to join this facebook .:)) Facebook turns 10 today. Having only spent five years there , I am grateful to this social media account, because it help me connect easily to my family and friends. I am one of those who log in just to check out my notifications everyday, I am able to catch up on the latest trending news around the globe through my newsfeed in facebook.

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There is always something to be thankful for!

Today on Thanksgiving, be thankful for what you have,in spite of the many things happening around including the calamities, there is always something we have to be grateful and thankful for.There are 2 parts to THANKSGIVING…the “giving” part and the “thanks” part. They occur in cycle… the more you give, the more you’ll be thankful for because good deeds come back “ten fold”. I hope you have so much to be thankful for, not just today but everyday…Being THANKFUL should never be a one time out of the year deal . It should be-everyday. We wake up we ought to be thankful…There is always someone-somewhere worse off than you…so we owe it to ourselves and God to be thankful and prayerful..

As long as you continue to work hard, push forward, be positive and live a proper life, your dreams will come to fruition.

If people or a person hurts you, brings you down, makes you sad, then let them go…….not with hatred, but in a loving way, just don’t let them into your heart.

Always be positive, not negative. Be giving, not greedy. Be loving, not cold. Be generous, not selfish. It will all come back to you.

The world is in front of you, grab on to it, and enjoy the ride that life will provide for you.Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May The Lord increase the reasons you are most grateful for. Enjoy the celebration !